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The Blockchain Pipe Dream by Nouriel Roubini & Preston Byrne

Even after a sharp correction earlier this year, the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has remained unsustainably high, and techno-libertarians have continued to insist that blockchain technologies will revolutionize the way business is done. In fact, blockchain might just be the most over-hyped technology of all time.

Saved Sunday 11th of March 2018 10:23:45 PM

Michael Lewis and the parable of the lucky man taking the extra cookie

In 2012, Michael Lewis gave a commencement speech at Princeton University, his alma mater. In the speech, Lewis, the author of Lia

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What is Amazon, really?

To call Amazon an e-commerce company feels completely inadequate. 

Saved Tuesday 22nd of August 2017 04:59:42 AM

The Ultimate List of Physics TED Talks

TED, which stands for technology, entertainment and design, is a global conference with a mission to spread important ideas from the fields of science,  art, technology, design and business. TED be…

Saved Tuesday 11th of July 2017 12:55:48 AM

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2016 Jealousy List

Continuing a painful, happy tradition, we give you Bloomberg Businessweek’s fourth annual Jealousy List.

Saved Wednesday 28th of December 2016 09:43:11 PM

Transcript of "How to speak so that people want to listen"

TED Talk Subtitles and Transcript: Have you ever felt like you're talking, but nobody is listening? Here's Julian Treasure to help. In this useful talk, the sound expert demonstrates the how-to's of powerful speaking — from some handy vocal exercises to tips on how to speak with empathy. A talk that might help the world sound more beautiful.

Saved Tuesday 27th of December 2016 08:45:36 PM

Hong Kong’s real-life fight club

White-collar boxing has given bankers and brokers a new way to de-stress, lose weight and win

Saved Friday 25th of November 2016 11:24:11 AM

Space Station Fisheye Fly-Through 4K (Ultra HD) - YouTube

Saved Friday 18th of November 2016 09:24:05 PM

How Rocket Internet got entangled in its own web

As Rocket Internet pushed its hired-gun entrepreneurs to achieve fast revenue growth in India, it ignored the basics of building companies

Saved Monday 7th of November 2016 11:00:09 PM

Paintings | One Kings Lane

Saved Tuesday 11th of October 2016 07:58:58 PM

Payments 4G (aka UPI) The Best is Yet to Come!

Last week, India country witnessed the launch of two generational shifts. The one that has everyone excited is Jio, a pure, data-only, high-speed mobile network. The other that is likely to have equal

Saved Friday 9th of September 2016 09:03:36 PM

What CEOs are reading

Leaders of some of the world’s biggest organizations reveal which books will keep them occupied in the coming months.

Saved Thursday 4th of August 2016 08:09:29 PM

Before the change: When austerity, simplicity ruled everyday middle class life

Prior to the 1991 reforms, India was so different, it was another country. Mukul Kesavan looks back to a time when austerity and simplicity ruled everyday middle class life

Saved Monday 25th of July 2016 05:47:22 AM

Dollar Shave Club and The Disruption of Everything

Dollar Shave Club is a textbook example of how the new Internet economy will destroy value in incumbent industries.

Saved Thursday 21st of July 2016 12:19:50 PM

Aadhaar: A quiet disruption

Having registered one billion Indians, the team behind Aadhaar is now creating a digital infrastructure—the India Stack—that promises to disrupt financial services, make service delivery dramatically cheaper and efficient and boost the startup ecosystem

Saved Sunday 26th of June 2016 03:11:27 PM

The Geek Behind Google's Map Quest

Ed Parsons helps shape how Google sees the worldliterally.

Saved Monday 20th of June 2016 06:18:34 AM

Finding Ramanujan - Science Friday

Within less than a decade, an impoverished Indian clerk upended mathematics with strange and beautiful equations.

Saved Monday 23rd of May 2016 04:43:02 AM

Artists Claim YouTube Pays Them Less Than Spotify. Are They Right?

The video behemoth argues that it shouldn't have to pay as much as other streaming services.

Saved Monday 9th of May 2016 11:04:02 PM

How to Tell When Statistics Are Bullshit | VICE | United States

We asked Tim Harford, host of statistics podcast More Or Less, how we can find out when newspapers and politicians are being liberal with the truth.

Saved Thursday 28th of April 2016 05:19:38 PM

Why I’m Joining Uber’s Board

Joining the Uber board, which CEO Travis Kalanick announced this morning, represents for me an opportunity to have an im…

Saved Thursday 28th of April 2016 05:08:50 PM

Tulip mania: the classic story of a Dutch financial bubble is mostly wrong

Bitcoin is being compared to tulips, but I researched tulip mania for years and found no evidence of mass bankruptcies or economic meltdown.

Saved Sunday 4th of March 2018 11:03:42 PM

Crypto Canon

Saved Monday 12th of February 2018 02:47:40 AM

Disney’s Choice

Cable TV created a world where differentiated content could profit from everyone; that is why it will be hard for Disney to make the choices streaming will force on them.

Saved Thursday 24th of August 2017 06:55:17 PM

Net Neutrality and the Idea of America

Saved Wednesday 12th of July 2017 07:52:32 PM

“It’s all on autopilot, right?”

Autonomy versus automation, a perennial discussion. But the nature of human intervention in flight is much more subtle than simply the mechanics of flying. The autopilot was selected as we climbed …

Saved Saturday 8th of July 2017 10:27:44 PM

Scrolling on the web: A primer

Scrolling is one of the oldest interactions on the web. Long before we had pull-to-refresh or infinite-loading lists, the humble scrollbar solved the web’s original scaling problem: how can we inte…

Saved Friday 10th of March 2017 11:13:08 PM

Damn, We Wish We’d Written These 11 Stories

Every year, Bloomberg News publishes a “Jealousy List” — the stories Bloomberg staffers wish they had published. It’s a delightful and endearing concept, and one that makes us incredibly — wh…

Saved Wednesday 28th of December 2016 09:36:47 PM

How Google Analytics ruined marketing

Marketers in the high-tech world who use phrases such as “social media marketing,” “Facebook marketing” and “content marketing” do not understand..

Saved Wednesday 30th of November 2016 10:53:34 AM

This Simple Philosophical Puzzle Shows How Difficult It Is to Know Something - Facts So Romantic - Nautilus

In the 1960s, the American philosopher Edmund Gettier devised a thought experiment that has become known as a “Gettier case.”…

Saved Sunday 20th of November 2016 03:11:43 PM

A quick puzzle to tell whether you know what people are thinking

A mathematical quirk where the majority think they’re actually the minority.

Saved Wednesday 9th of November 2016 05:24:53 AM

Confessions from a Stanford Business School 20-Year Reunion

Last weekend I attended my 20-year reunion for the Stanford Graduate School of Business. It was a tremendous experience, in part because I was honored to give a 15-minute TED-style talk to my

Saved Saturday 5th of November 2016 03:27:08 AM

Color watch: deep navy blue | Apartment Therapy

Saved Tuesday 11th of October 2016 08:07:09 PM

How it feels to learn JavaScript in 2016

Saved Tuesday 4th of October 2016 02:52:09 PM

Digital Photography

Saved Saturday 3rd of September 2016 04:23:08 PM

Brazil’s Billionaire Problem

To understand global inequality, you have to understand Brazil's inequality.

Saved Tuesday 2nd of August 2016 07:29:44 PM

11 photos of Seattle in the totally tubular 1980s

Seattle is looking rad in these choice 1980s photos.

Saved Wednesday 27th of July 2016 05:13:27 AM

The state of consumer fintech

Marc Andreessen said “We can reinvent the entire thing” when referring to finance. How has technology gone about doing so?

Saved Thursday 21st of July 2016 05:24:20 PM

Want to build a just society? John Rawls said to start by ignoring your identity | Aeon Videos

What would it take to build a more just society? In contemporary debates about justice, identity is frequently front and centre, but the 20th-century American philosopher John Rawls thought that looking past identity was the key to more equality. In his 1971 book A Theory of Justice, Rawls argued that if we could build a society from behind a ‘veil of ignorance’ that kept us from knowing anything about our identity, we would make choices for the greater good, providing justice for all.

Saved Wednesday 22nd of June 2016 03:48:55 AM

Google's Bold Move To Reinvent Every Device On The Planet

New CEO Sundar Pichai is a brainy product guy who aims to reinvent the world's second-most-valuable company--and pretty much every digital experience--with a heavy dose of artificial intelligence.

Saved Saturday 18th of June 2016 02:06:51 PM

The Ultimate Guide To Your 20s, 30s, 40s, And 50s

The Twenties

Saved Thursday 19th of May 2016 07:24:54 PM

Elon Musk’s Companies Are Interdependent in Ways the U.S. Rarely Sees. Is That Dangerous or Brilliant?

Tesla Motors is churning through the news cycle again—this week, it reported its quarterly results  and plans to massively ramp up production to meet t ...

Saved Friday 6th of May 2016 08:52:35 PM

Why Bill Gates’ Math Error About Climate Change Matters

Gates has positioned himself as a major player on energy, which means his confused pronouncements could have serious consequences in the public debate.

Saved Tuesday 3rd of May 2016 05:58:13 AM

Fixing the American Commute

We blame cars for transportation woes. Can new technology turn them into saviors?

Saved Thursday 28th of April 2016 05:19:13 PM

Who Was Ramanujan? — Backchannel

Saved Thursday 28th of April 2016 05:00:32 PM
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